Underrated Architecture in Southwest City Neighborhoods

I’ve recently been taking a closer look at details and architecture in Southampton and Princeton Heights after admiring some of the character in my new listing at 5643 Rosa in Southampton. These neighborhoods are stalwarts of South City culture and are known for well kept yards, gingerbread style homes, and strong sense...

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City Museum Founder Bob Cassilly Passes Away Suddenly

I read the news late last night that Bob Cassilly had died suddenly in an accident at his Cementland project in the Baden/Riverview area on the far north side of St. Louis City.  I wanted post about it because there are few people who have contributed more to the culture of St. Louis than Bob Cassilly has.  Cassilly is an...

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The Del Taco Situation

There have been a myriad of recent articles on the Post Dispatch about the possible demolition of the building that currently houses Del Taco on S Grand near SLU’s campus.  Since the question has been raised there has been an outpouring of support for the preservation of the building from people all over the St. Louis...

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Slim Fit New Construction–Building on a Skinny Lot