Upsizing or Downsizing

Growing families often find that the size of their current home isn’t keeping up with the expanding needs of their family. Upsizing to a larger home presents many benefits and added conveniences to address the many needs that your family now has.

When it’s time for a bigger home, I can help you assess your wants and needs, to find the best home for you and your family.

Downsizing your home is most commonly associated with empty-nesters and retirees looking for smaller spaces after the kids have moved out, but it’s also becoming a more popular move for a growing number of hard-working, money-smart homeowners. It’s also a move that makes a lot of financial sense.

Lower mortgage payments, lower taxes and utility bills, and fewer maintenance costs can all have a big effect on your cash flow. Downsizing your home can lower your monthly bills and each of these lowered expenses adds to the financial benefits of moving to a smaller place.  This also presents the opportunity to pare down the number of unused or unwanted possessions, or remove general clutter. I can help you increase your cash flow from month to month by downsizing to a new home.