Fox Park

Fox Park is a historic neighborhood on the near south side of St. Louis City.  The building stock consists primarily of 2 to 4 family flats and single family homes.  The residences date from the 1880’s, 1890’s and 1900’s (before 1910).   Most residences have been updated and/or rehabbed with all the modern amenities of the 21st century.  Prices range from around $60,000 up to $260,000 or more for a single family home.  Properties are constructed of brick and stone masonry.  Some have limestone facades, arches, and decorative cornices that contribute to the varied architectural styles of the neighborhood.

Fox Park was originally settled and developed by German immigrants who wanted to build and live in stately mansions and townhomes like the ones located across Jefferson to the northeast in Lafayette Square.  The residents of Lafayette Square, however, looked down on the immigrants and they were not welcome in the neighborhood.  The Germans were extremely skilled in the trades, especially brick and stone masonry.  They formed their own enclave in Fox Park and built their own beautiful mansions on its streets and avenues.   Perhaps their greatest accomplishment was the construction of the German Gothic Catholic Church, St. Francis de Sales.  The church is striking and dominates skyline in and around the neighborhood.  It has been know for years as the Cathedral of South St. Louis.  Today the church, located at Ohio and Gravois, is one of the few that still celebrates the Latin Mass.

The namesake of the neighborhood is a small park that sits in its center with Shenandoah being its northern boundary and Victor on the south.  California and Ohio flank the park on its east and west respectively.  Cardinal Care, a community outreach program associated with the team, donated the facilities and recent upgrades to the baseball field that comprises much of park in memory the late Daryl Kile.  The field is fairly impressive as far as public baseball fields in the area go.  There is a master plan in place to continue to enhance the park and for public use and visually in the coming years.

Fox Park’s location puts it in position for continued investment and rehabbing because of its proximity to other areas that are almost completely gentrified.  Fox Park itself has made great strides over the last 10 years and with its beautiful buildings and great location it is only natural for the neighborhood to continue to become more desirable and gentrify along with the surrounding neighborhoods.  Fox Park is flanked by Compton Heights and Tower Grove East on its western border.  While McKinley Heights sits to the east, Benton Park West to the south, and The Gate District to the north.  At the same time Soulard, Benton Park, Lafayette Square, Tower Grove Park, and South Grand are all only a short walk away.    Fox Park is the true central location of the historic southside neighborhoods.

The Fox Park Neighborhood Association is extremely organized and active.  They address resident concerns, raise money for neighborhood improvements, and oversee potential development in the neighborhood.  They have a great website and an active presence on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Fox Park Neighborhood Association

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