Webster Groves

Webster Groves is an inner-ring suburb of St. Louis about 10 miles southwest of Downtown.  The area is known for its historic homes dating from the turn of the 20th century.  The housing stock consists primarily of mid-sized and large single family homes dating from the early 1900’s to the 1960’s.  There are a smattering of high dollar new construction homes homes being built on large lots in the area at any given time.  Webster Groves is known as an affluent area but homes can range anywhere from $100,000 up to well over $1,000,000.

The area grew as a suburb because of its proximity to the Pacific Railroad.  In 1896 the municipalities of Webster,Old Orchard, Tuxedo Park, Selma, and Webster Park merged their public services giving way to what is now known as Webster Groves.  People moved to the area initially to get away from the grittiness of urban life in the city.  It was promoted as a suburb with a country feel.  The shady tree lined streets in Webster Groves today make it easy to see what the initial occupants of the area had in mind.

Webster Groves is still popular today with families, young professionals, and students for many of the same reasons that people first moved here more than a century ago.  The commute to both Downtown and/or Clayton takes less than 10 minutes.  Webster Groves still has a quiet suburban feel to it while affording its populace the luxuries of being within 10 minutes of a major urban center.  Although Webster Groves doesn’t have a commercial or business center of its own, Old Orchard serves as the center of town.  Old Orchard sits on the edge of Webster University and is home to many shops and restaurants.  Webster Groves school district is well respected and regarded among the best in the area.

Webster Groves has many amenities that could be detailed including great schools both public and private, grocery stores, pharmacies, and cultural attractions.  Webster Groves also boasts a college campus in Webster University.  Students and faculty come from all over the nation with many international and exchange students as well.  The university is also known as a commuter school and draws people from all over the area daily for classes and other events.  As with any college campus Webster University adds a certain energy and vibrance to the neighborhood that comes along with having a student population.  Many disciplines are offered at Webster University but its perhaps best known for its contributions in the arts.  Another of Webster Grove’s greatest assets is a direct result of Webster U’s patronage of the arts.  The Repertory Theater of St. Louis was founded in 1966 and has served as the regions premier professional live performance theater in the St. Louis Region.  “The Rep”, as it is commonly known, is one of the St. Louis area’s cultural gems and it was established in the heart of Webster Groves.

Please see The Rep’s website for more of its history and details of past and upcoming performances.

The Rep

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