Maplewood is an inner-ring suburb of St. Louis located in St. Louis county adjacent to the City of St. Louis just to the southwest.  It is one of the most centrally located of the suburbs just south of Clayton and 15 minutes west of Downtown St. Louis.  The housing stock dates mostly to from the turn of the 20th century between 1900-1910.  It consists mostly of frame 2 story single family homes between 1600 and 2400 square feet.  There are also a smattering of brick homes and bungalows in the area as well mostly in the northwest section of the area .  There are a small number of 2-4 family apartment houses and several larger apartment complexes as well.

Maplewood was one of the first suburbs of St. Louis City and was originally marketed as a “bedroom community” or vacation spot for people to get away from the bustling polluted city center.  Ironically, Maplewood like many other inner-ring suburbs was built right on a rail line.  As people began to move west and out of the city post World War II, Maplewood was a popular spot for people to settle with their families.  Maplewood and the other inner-ring suburbs represented what has become know as the “American Dream”.  People were able to have a nice house with a fenced in yard away from the decaying urban neighborhoods of the city.  Maplewood continued to thrive into the late 1970’s and early 1980’s when many of the outlying suburbs such as Ballwin and later Chesterfield and St. Charles began to see widespread development.  The inner-ring suburbs lost many residents to these areas and there was a noticable decline in the condition of many properties.

Over the last 10 years Maplewood has seen considerable new development and a rebirth of the commercial district in Downtown Maplewood.  Manchester west of Southwest Ave to Big Bend has seen a major revitalization in recent years with many restaurants ranging from fine dining to sports bars to coffee shops occupying various storefronts.  It is a highly walkable district with plenty of public parking nearby.  For many Maplewood residents the commercial center is a 10 minute walk or less.

Maplewood shares a school district with Richmond Heights.  The district dates to the 1840’s and is the oldest school district in St. Louis County.

The Maplewood Chamber of Commerce is a very active organization and puts on Maplewood’s biggest event, The Taste Maplewood.  The event started in 2009 and brings thousands of people to Maplewoods commercial district and the area along Sutton Ave.

Maplewood also features nearly a dozen parks and recreation options detailed on the City of Maplewood’s website.  These include a dog park, indoor gym and aquatic center, as well as several out city parks.

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