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Home on Geyer Ave. in McKinley Heights

McKinley Heights is a historic neighborhood on the near south side of St. Louis just south of Downtown.  The building stock of the neighborhood dates from the 1890’s,1900’s and 1910’s.  The residences are comprised primarily of  single families and 2 to 4-family flats.  A single family residence in the neighborhood will cost between $70,000 to $300,000 or more on average.  These residences range in size from small shotgun bungalows to large 3 story mansions.  The typical home is a 2 story red brick building with around 2000 square feet of living space.  Although the homes date to the early 20th century nearly all have been updated with modern systems and amenities for occupancy.

McKinley Heights history is somewhat similar to the neighborhoods surrounding it.  In the early part of the 20th century it was a working class neighborhood consisting of immigrant enclaves of Germans, Irish, Slovaks and later Serbians.   A Serbian Church remains in the neighborhood today and throws “Serbfest” annually each summer to celebrate their culture and food with their members and neighbors.

One caveat to McKinley Heights history is the root of the presence of many stately multi-family buildings you can see as you drive down Russell, Geyer, or Allen avenues on any given

McKinley Heights on Russell Ave

day.  You’ll notice the architectural detail and the brick work and maybe even the sheer size of some 2 and 4 family flats in the neighborhood.  Some 4-families are nearly 6000 square feet and many 2-families are over 3000 square feet.   The reason for this is that McKinley Heights sits directly south of Lafayette Square, one of St. Louis first wealthy and exclusive neighborhoods.  Prior to the construction of highway 44 the neighborhoods transitioned seamlessly just north of Geyer Ave.  Wealthy investors and land owners in Lafayette Square gradually began building their rental 2 and 4 family flats just south of their own neighborhood in what is now know as McKinley Heights.  They spared no expense and the result is the striking architecture that persists in the McKinley Heights neighborhood.

The center piece and namesake of the McKinley Heights Neighborhood is the McKinley Classical Junior Academy on Russell (Formerly McKinley Highschool).  McKinley CJA is a magnet school and probably the finest middle school in the SLPS.  St. Louis’ Public School buildings are some of the finest architecture that our city has to show off and McKinley CJA is no exception.

McKinley Highschool

While there are relatively few food and drink establishments in the neighborhood the residents have very little to quibble with in this regard.  McKinley Heights boasts one of the best locations in the city being within walking distances to 3 of best food and drink destination neighborhoods in St. Louis.  Soulard sits on the neighborhood’s eastern border, Benton Park to the South, and Lafayette Square to the north.

McKinley Heights saw a great deal of rehab and investment in the mid 2000’s and as the market improves this will be one of the neighborhoods that will continue to see more investment and appreciation as a result.   Its location cannot be beat and for this reason McKinley Heights will continue its steady rise in the pantheon of St. Louis’ historic neighborhoods.

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