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Tower Grove East is a neighborhood in South St. Louis east of Grand Ave. and Tower Grove Park.  The building stock is primarily brick single family and 2 to 4 family flats dating from the turn of the 19th century between 1900 and 1915.   Although most homes are over a century old nearly all the buildings in the neighborhood have been either rehabbed or updated gradually with all the modern conveniences and amenities for 21st century dwellers.  A single family home in the neighborhood can range any where from around $100,000 to $425,000 or more depending on the location and stature of the building

The neighborhood’s history is one that began as pastures for German dairy farmers in the mid 19th century.  As the German immigrants had more and more successful people in their ranks the wealthiest began to build mansions on Flora Place and the exclusive Compton Heights Neighborhood.  Their relatives later settled the pastures of what is now known as Tower Grove East and built beautiful homes and flats of their own.  They used similar architectural detail to what is found in the wealthier Compton Heights and Flora Place.  Most buildings are 2.5 stories with austere facades and most detail focused around the entrance.  The interiors are decked out with stained glass, pocket doors, and intricate stair cases.  Like many neighborhoods east of Grand, this one fell on hard times follow World War II and saw a great deal of abandonment and urban decay for decades.  The late 1980’s and early 1990’s were low points until the neighborhood again began to show signs of life.   Urban minded individual who appreciated the architecture and location next to urban treasures such as Tower Grove Park and the Missouri Botanical Garden began rehabbing and taking up residence in the neighborhood.  The mid 2000’s saw a meteoric rise in value and interest in Tower Grove East as a neighborhood.  Now the neighborhood has one of the densest and most healthy populations in the city.  Continually burgeoned by the great location, beautiful buildings, and vibrant community Tower Grove East is attracting new residents at a terrific pace.

The greatest amenity for Tower Grove East and the neighborhoods that surround it in all other directions is Tower Grove Park.  This is one of the finest urban parks in the country and is often unfairly overshadowed by the presence of Forest Park on the west side of the city.   The park was originally donated to the city by Henry Shaw in 1868 and comprises nearly 300 acres of land.  Unlike other city parks Tower Grove Park is governed and directed by a Board of Commissioners appointed by the Supreme Court of Missouri.   The park is adorned with sculptures and decorative pavilions dotted through its open green space.  The park hosts a farmers market during the warm months, movie nights, concerts, and numerous events and festivals throughout the year celebrating different causes, cultures, etc.   The park is also home to at least 2 adult kickball leagues that keep it lively and bustling on Saturdays and Sundays year round.  The neighborhood is also the home to St. Louis’ favorite public access radio station KDHX 88.1 where local people can create and air their own weekly radio show.

Tower Grove East is home to numerous businesses, restaurants, and bars.  First and foremost South Grand is one of the liveliest streetscapes in the city and Tower Grove East just

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happens to have Grand Avenue as its western border.  Different restaurant and shops fill each and every storefront and residents occupy the apartments above these stores and restaurants.  South Grand is alive every night of the week residents and visitors alike walking up and down the street headed to dinner or to grab a drink.   On the north side of the neighborhood Shenandoah offers another scene for restaurants and businesses that is a little more quiet and tucked into the neighborhood.  There are many options in both of these corridors as well as other spots scattered throughout the neighborhood that are all great places to spend an evening.

The neighborhood has a strong organizing force in the Tower Grove East Neighborhood Association and an energetic young alderman in Kacie Starr-Triplett.   The neighborhood addresses residents concerns, raises money for neighborhood improvement, and oversees potential developments happening in the neighborhood.  Kacie Starr-Triplet is a game changing factor for the neighborhood in the coming years because of her energy and ability to connect with her constituents through means other politicians fail to use as effectively.  She can be reached through social networking or through her website and she keeps her constituents up to date on what she is doing, supporting, and lobbying for on a daily basis.  She puts particular emphasis on her work for the homeless and development in Tower Grove East and other neighborhoods close to Downtown St. Louis.

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