Tower Grove South

Tower Grove South is a neighborhood in South Saint Louis City aptly named for its proximity to the South Side of Tower Grove Park.  Tower Grove South is bounded by the Arsenal  & Tower Grove Park on the north, S Grand’s commercial district on the east, Kingshighway on the west, and Gravois on the south.  The 12 block historic district known as Tower Grove Heights sits within the boundaries of the Tower Grove South neighborhood between Grand and Spring.  The housing stock dates from the turn of the 20th century and mostly consists of 2 story brick single family homes between 1800 – 2500 square feet.  There are also many 2-4 family flats and apartment buildings of the same size, stature, and period.  On the west side of the neighborhood near Kingshighway the housing stock tends to date from the 1920’s and 30’s, be slightly smaller, and have a few frame residences in addition to the brick structures that dominate all areas of the neighborhood.

The neighborhood saw slow steady decline from the 1950’s through the late 1990’s.  In recent years Tower Grove South has seen a period of revitalization.  It owes this new found urban pride to its commercial corridors and proximity to Tower Grove Park and the Missouri Botanical Garden.

The South Grand commercial corridor borders Tower Grove South on the east side and has a decidedly international flavor.  South Grand is home to some of the finest Vietnamese, Thai, and Mediterranean food that St. Louis has to offer.  There are also neighborhood favorites such as City Diner and Mokabee’s Coffee.  There is such a variety that could try a different flavor every day of the week and never have to get in your car to do it!.  South Grand is very walkable and has recently seen national franchises popping up as well as the locally owned businesses that continue to dominate.  South Grand is a popular evening and weekend destination spot for people from all over the St. Louis area

The Morganford commercial corridor is Tower Grove South’s 2nd commercial district running right through the center of the neighborhood on Morganford Road.  This area is sometimes called “Skinnytown” because Morganford tends to be narrow.  In the early 2000’s many bars and restaurants began to pop up on Morganford.  It is still home to many bars and restaurants, as well as other shops, lunch spots, and even a grocery store that focuses on local and organic food.

Tower Grove South borders Tower Grove Park on the south side and residents of the neighborhood use the park as their own personal playground and backyard.  On any give day year round you can see neighborhood residents jogging, walking their dogs, or partaking in a kickball or softball game.  The park also host cultural events and festivals year round celebrating food, music, and art constantly.  Also within walking distance is the Missouri Botanical Garden which is one of the finest in the country.  The garden attracts visitor and residents alike daily that come to see the displays and enjoy music and cultural events as well.  Between Tower Grove Park and the Missouri Botanical Garden the residents of Tower Grove Heights are treated to a complex of green space that is rivaled by few urban areas anywhere in the country.

Tower Grove Farmers Market take place Every Saturday from May 5 through November 3, 8:00am until 12:00noon.  The market is just west of Center Cross in Tower Grove Park and is within walking distance for neighborhood residents.  It is also very easy to park on Arsenal or Magnolia and take a short stroll over to the market.

For an overall great urban living experience and a central location there is no better place to live in St. Louis than Tower Grove South.

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