Downtown St. Louis is a burgeoning district for loft and condo development in the St. Louis area.  The housing stock consists primarily of renovated high rise buildings dating to the 20’s and 30’s that contain condos and lofts ranging from $100,000 to well over $1,000,000.  The area now boasts nearly 10,000 residents when only 10 years ago there were relatively few residents living in a smattering of apartment buildings built in the 60’s and 70’s.  Now much of the development is being centered on Washington Ave. on the north side of the Downtown area.  This area was once known as the garment district of St. Louis consisting mainly of warehouses and factories.  Now many of these former industrial buildings are being converted to lofts and high end condos that are truly unique to the Downtown area of St. Louis.  Residents are attracted to these buildings because of the stark beauty that goes along with keeping many of the original features of the industrial buildings.  Often you’ll find exposed brick from floor to ceiling, thick wooden beams, and huge windows that allow plenty of natural light to permeate the open spaces in most lofts.

Downtown St. Louis is also the hub of business and commerce in the St. Louis area.  Several large companies are headquartered Downtown.  Downtown is also home to the city’s government including City Hall and the Civil Courts building.  The Federal Courthouse is also located on Tucker just across Market from the Civil Courts building.  Countless office buildings, businesses, restaurants, and hotels employ thousands of people that commute to Downtown daily.    By day Downtown is a bustling city center with tens of thousands of people living and working side by side.  On days of events such as a Cardinals game or a Rams game that number can grow to well over 100,000.  By night Downtown quiets down a bit but Washington Ave has grown as an entertainment district as well.  There are numerous restaurants, bars, and clubs that attract all sorts of patrons on a nightly basis.

One of Downtown’s favorite attractions that brings people from all over the region is the City Museum.  The City Museum is a multi story blend of art and playground constructed entirely of salvaged and recycled materials from historic buildings around St. Louis.  The Musuem employs a team of artists, sculptors, and welders that are constantly working and changing the museum.  Some of the attractions consist of a 3 story metal slide, a sculpture maze spanning several stories, and elaborate sculpture on the roof that features a school bus hanging over the side of the buildings.  Needless to say it is not difficult to spot the City Museum when coming down Delmar/Convention Dr.

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Recently a second Downtown condo district has started to mature closer to Busch Stadium and the south side of Downtown.  This development is centered around the Old Post Office Square on Olive.  While it is not as developed as the Washington Ave. district a few blocks north it will continue to grow and fill a different role than it northern neighbor which thrives on edgy loft stylings and nightlife.  The Old Post Office district already has a more mature feel to it, leaning toward finished condo spaces and high end units.

10 years ago most people would not have believed that Downtown could become a certifiable residential area.  Its made great strides as a neighborhood and entertainment district and the development is only getting started.

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