City Museum Founder Bob Cassilly Passes Away Suddenly

I read the news late last night that Bob Cassilly had died suddenly in an accident at his Cementland project in the Baden/Riverview area on the far north side of St. Louis City.  I wanted post about it because there are few people who have contributed more to the culture of St. Louis than Bob Cassilly has.  Cassilly is an accomplished sculptor, artist, restauranteur, and businessman.  He is most known for being the founder and owner of the City Museum and for his Cementland project on the north side.  He has also contributed several sculptures to the St. Louis Zoo and was responsible for Turtle Park, another St. Louis landmark.  I have linked a couple of Post Dispatch articles below that outline his accomplishments and some recent events.

Highlights of Bob Cassilly’s Life and Career

Cassilly’s Inner Child

Cassilly Found Dead at Site He’d Worked On For Years

Riverfront Time Photo Tribute to Cementland

New York Times Cementland Article

I personally didn’t realize he had been commissioned to do so many sculptures around town that are this well known.  I had also not seen any photos or real descriptions of what was planned at Cementland until today.  I get the impression that he considered the Cementland project his masterpiece and that it was/is going to be quite an attraction.  I really hope his family and the legion of artisans he has employed and supported are able to carry on his legacy to finish the project.  I can’t think of anyone else who has made so many unique contributions to fabric of St. Louis’ culture and it sure would be great to add one more.

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