I just got back from the RE/MAX R4 event in Las Vegas and got the pleasure to listen to several highly regarded experts in their particular fields.  The R4 event takes place annually and is attended by around 4000 RE/MAX agents from all over the world.  RE/MAX does an unbelievable job of providing their agents great educational and networking opportunities with experts from all over the country.

On the first day of the convention I attended a meeting hosted by Greg Rand of OwnAmerica.  OwnAmerica is a real estate investment course that teaches investment analysis on residential properties with the diligence that commercial investors analyze their properties.  I won’t go into detail on the specifics of the program but it is an extremely useful tool.

The point that I think many buyers and investors would have been most interested in when it comes to this presentation is this quote from Warren Buffett, the great investment genius who has a penchant for identifying and aquiring undervalued assets.

Warren Buffett on CNBC: “I’d Buy Up ‘A Couple Hundred Thousand’ Single-Family Homes If I Could”

Warren Buffett believes that an overcorrection in the market has created an opportunity for people to buy single family homes at a major discount.  The reason that he has not acquired a couple of hundred thousand single families is that he doesn’t have the infrastructure to manage that many scattered site units.  To be frank, no one has that type of infrastructure.  The average buyer or investor is capable of handling a half dozen or more single families, however.  An experienced property manager could handle several time that amount as well.