Home on Flora Place in Shaw

Shaw is a neighborhood in south St. Louis bounded by Grand Ave on the east, I-44 on the north, Magnolia (Tower Grove Park) on the south, and Tower Grove Ave on the west.  Most of

Home on Flora in Shaw

the housing stock consists of 2.5 story brick buildings built between 1900 and 1915 although some homes are older.  Although the homes date from the turn of the 20th century nearly all have been rehabbed or updated with all the modern amenities of the 21st century.   Single family homes range from just over $100,000 to $450,000 or more for a mansion on Flora Place.   The Shaw neighborhood is largely recognized because of its namesake in Henry Shaw who once controlled much of the land in the neighborhood.  He also established his garden which is now known as the Missouri Botanical Garden.  He donated all of the acreage to the city to establish Tower Grove Park as well as directions as to how the park would be managed for the future generations.

The neighborhood was once a prairie under French Control up until 1816 when a large section of the prairie was purchased by Captain William Chambers of Louisville.  Henry Shaw purchased a piece the prairie as well and built his Tower Grove Home just west of Chambers’ holding on land today that is now part of the Missouri Botanical Garden.   Shaw was also the developer of Shaw Place which was built as a gated private street that is visible today from eastbound I-44 as you exit at Grand.  The streets entrance is actually accessible from the highway exit or from Detonty Ave. which runs on the south side of I-44 in the neighborhood.  It was built in a manner that reflected Henry Shaw’s upbringing in England.  Although the homes are large, ornate with architectural detail, and located on a private street they were, in the past, used as rental property to raise money for the garden.

Tower Grove Park is one of the finest urban parks in St. Louis second only to Forest Park on the west side of the city.  The park was originally donated to the city by Henry Shaw in 1868 and comprises nearly 300 acres of land.  Unlike other city parks Tower Grove Park is governed and directed by a Board of Commissioners appointed by the Supreme Court of Missouri.   The park is adorned with sculptures and decorative pavilions dotted through its open green space.  The park hosts a farmers market during the warm months, movie nights, concerts, and numerous events and festivals throughout the year celebrating different causes, cultures, etc.   The park is also home to at least 2 adult kickball leagues that keep it lively and bustling on Saturdays and Sundays year round.  The homes, condos and apartment buildings that face the park are treated to these sights every day from their front porch and every home in the neighborhood is within walking distance.

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There are many restaurants and shops within the neighborhood boundaries but Shaw is surrounded by 2 of the best restaurant districts in the city.  The South Grand strip lies just south of the neighborhood starting at Arsenal and heading South toward Gravois.  Just west of Shaw lies the The Hill which is  home to largest collection and many of the finest Italian restaurants and markets in the city.  In recent years there have been some quality Greek and Spanish options that have sprung up on The Hill as well.   There are several great options for ding and drinking within the neighborhood including Sasha’s Wine Bar and Thurman Grill which both enjoy a great reputation.  All of these establishments are within walking distance or less than 5 minutes in the car.

On top of all the great amenities Shaw’s location is yet another thing that attracts people to the neighborhood.  Its is a 5 minute drive to Downtown and less than 2 minutes to I-44 and I-55.  The neighborhood is convenient to I-64/40 and walking distance to SLU’s Medical campus and close to its main campus as well.

The Shaw Neighborhood Improvement Association has a strong presence in neighborhood affairs.  It addresses the needs and concerns of the residents, acts as a liason between St. Louis City and the Shaw Neighborhood, and organizes events and fundraisers to benefit the neighborhood.

Shaw Neighborhood Improvement Association

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