Holly Hills

Holly Hills

Holly Hills is a neighborhood located in southeast St. Louis City that dates to the 1920’s.  The building stock consists mostly of brick 2 story single families and 2 to 4 family flats.  There is also a contingent of both brick and frame bungalows that are more common on the north end of the neighborhood.  Prices range from $50,000 for a bungalow on the north side of the neighborhood to $300,000 or more for a 2 story brick home near Carondelet Park.

Holly Hills Home Overlooking Carondelet Park

In the roaring 1920’s Hollywood was in its heyday and its image was extremely popular across the country.  Holly Hills draws its name name from Hollywood and the developers that promoted it as such to capitalize on the image.  Today its difficult to draw the connection between the two when standing on Holly Hills Blvd. overlooking one St. Louis’ finest urban parks and glancing from side to side at the handsome brick buildings on quiet avenues to the north.  Nevertheless this is the root of the neighborhoods image and popularity.

Carondelet Park is the southern boundary and the jewel of the neighborhood.  It is a large urban park that is appointed with pavilions, gazebos, winding avenues, and a beautiful lake.  During the summer the park hosts both of a movie and concert series that is extremely popular with the residents of Holly Hills and all the other neighborhoods that surround the park.  There are also festivals held in the park throughout the year with a variety of themes.  On most any day when driving through or around the park one will notice that it is filled jogger, dog walkers and people relaxing on the steps near the lake.

Residents of Holly Hills are also lucky to be near several commercial corridors that provide all amenities and services once could need in less than a 5 minute drive.  South Grand runs straight through the park and opens up into a major city street just north of the neighborhood with numerous storefronts and business.  Loughborough Commons sits on the the south side of Carondelet Park and has a major super market, hardware store and office supply store mixed with a smattering of national chain fast food joints.  Gravois is a short drive west and like South Grand is a major commercial corridor with every business and amenity you can imagine.

Recently completed is the Carondelet Rec Cent, a new state of the art recreational facility that was built just east of Carondelet Park.  Although not in Holly Hills officially this is within walking distance for most residents.  It is a joint venture between the YMCA and the City of St. Louis.  Membership is paid in monthly dues like all other YMCA’s nationally.  Membership gets you access to a brand new fitness center, a large public pool, and access to various classes and camps offered by the staff.

Holly Hills is sought after because of its beautiful art deco and ginger bread style homes, access to a major urban park, and quiet city blocks.  It is also home to well established

Holly Hills Home Overlooking Carondelet Park From West

churches and neighborhood organizations.   The Holly Hills Improvement Association is an active neighborhood association that provides residents a voice and deals with concerns while also raising money to beautify and improve the neighborhood.  Holly Hills offers diverse choices and price ranges when it comes to housing.  As a result the community is lively, healthy and diverse.

Holly Hills Improvement Association

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