Fish fry season is upon us and there are there is plenty of discussion about where to go as usual.  Beyond being delicious the neighborhood fish fry is great for the community.  It brings people together and gives the community a sense of pride, as strange as that may sound.  Certain fish fries project the culture of their parishes or communities in a big way.  The Mexican culture surrounding the fish fry at St. Cecilia’s is a major attraction in South City near Bates and Grand.  Driving down Russell a couple of weeks ago I noticed that the Serbian Church in McKinley Heights is having fish fries this year as well.

Here is a link to the annual discussion thread about fish fries and calendar

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Fish Fries

Fun fact that I did not know:  Frog legs count as fish…and St. Peter’s in Kirkwood apparently has them!

I’ll be at St. Gabriels this evening as usual