After writing a blog post about it the day before I stopped into Kevin’s Place for a pizza last night (Yes, I’m addicted).  He remarked how it was his busiest day ever.  I asked him why and he didn’t have much of an idea, but thought it might be because of the press for the cookie spree this weekend.  He gave me a flyer/postcard which I’ve posted a picture of here, but I couldn’t find much press for it, myself.  Its usually a really well attended event and last year they shut down my street.  This year they’ve added a 2nd day so it will be going from 11-5 both Saturday and Sunday.  This event takes place on the Cherokee Antique Row between Lemp and Jefferson.

Basically, many of the shops on Cherokee between Lemp and Jefferson will have free cookies for the patrons out shopping this weekend.  See the pictures below and come visit Cherokee Street this weekend!